Piano Renovations
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Previous work carried out on behalf of the following:

Alfred Beck Theatre
Anne Liebeck (Soprano)
Chas ‘n’ Dave
David Gray
Des O’Connor
Elton John
Hampton Court Palace
Her Majesty’s Theatre (Phantom of the Opera)
Ian Drury
Jools Holland
Royal Ballet School, Richmond
Russ Abbot
Sid Lawrence Orchestra
Wycombe Swan Theatre

Works Gallery

Renovation Projects

Top left: work commences on an ancient wood framed Collard & Collard.

Above: David had to hand-make the brass jack springs for this job!

Left: New hammer shanks replaced the old brittle cedar wood ones, and a custom made set of tiny new hammers were made by Abel specifically for this renovation.

A bit of interesting history to this ‘Goetze’ Grand, which came in for a full re-build including a new tuning plank. It had once belonged to the English music hall performer Vesta Victoria, famed for such songs as ‘Daddy Wouldn’t Buy Me a Bow Wow’, ‘Waiting at the Church’ and ‘Poor John’. It was evident that the piano had been moved many times in its previous years, presumably from one theatre to another.

Top Left: Punching the pin locations for drilling the new plank through the dirty brass cover plates on the Goetze grand.

Above: Holes all drilled, plates polished and fixed to the new plank, ready to be fixed back onto the re-gilded frame.

Left: The finished ‘Vesta Victoria’ piano...hope she would have been as pleased with the result as the client who now owns it!

Other Pictures

Full recondition of a Bl├╝thner upright piano, including hammers, wrestplank and re-stringing.

Turning down a new beech column for a broken grand pedal lyre.
A special compound is used in conjunction with a high speed buffing wheel to polish piano ivories. Sometimes an ivory keyboard has too many damaged ivories to ‘patch’, so the only recourse is to re-cover the keyboard in plastic.
Completed 7ft ‘John Broadwood’.

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