Piano Renovations
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07817025625 (Daytime number)
Previous work carried out on behalf of the following:

Alfred Beck Theatre
Anne Liebeck (Soprano)
Chas ‘n’ Dave
David Gray
Des O’Connor
Elton John
Hampton Court Palace
Her Majesty’s Theatre (Phantom of the Opera)
Ian Drury
Jools Holland
Royal Ballet School, Richmond
Russ Abbot
Sid Lawrence Orchestra
Wycombe Swan Theatre

Theatrical Props

Here is a selection of props made by David, available for hire. Charges are modest, with a cash deposit required, refundable on the safe return of the item/s.

Photo Description

WW1 Lee Enfield rifles with detachable bayonets, dark walnut finish.

[four available] non firing.

Long imitation clay pipes, wood construction

(not smokeable)

‘Rustic’ 3 legged stools, four available

(collection item only)

Coffin, small size, lightweight plywood ‘mock up’, walnut finish with four handles and brass nameplate.

Dimensions: L= 153cm W=60cm D=28cm

Show: ‘A Christmas Carol’

(collection item only)

‘Gothic’ type scimitars and two axes

Cast metal construction

Dueling pistols, toy cap firing, presented in lined box

Shows: ‘The Duelists’ ‘Pickwick’

Pistols, percussion lock, toy cap firing

3 available

Ventriloquist’s dummy

Controls inside head move eyes, brows and mouth

Show: ‘Annie’

(collection item only)

Musket, toy cap firing

2 available

Spinning Wheel, does work but slightly less than full-size

Height: 97cm

Length: 75cm

Width: 26cm

(collection item only)

Carpet bag, small size, wooden handles, hinged at ends

Crutch, studied leather top

110cm long

Show: ‘A Christmas Carol’

‘Bill Sykes’ cudgel constructed from holly, stained dark brown.


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